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Welcome to FredTalk, inspiration and truth from a friend. In our podcast, we teach principles of success. Our goal is to inspire leaders to unlock their full potential, live out their strengths and achieve their god given purpose of life.

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Podcast Episode 16:

The family principle

Episode Description:

You can be successful and have a wonderful marriage and family as long as you prioritize the relationships you have committed to first. Learn how to balance life as an entrepreneur so you can enjoy success with those you love most!

Podcast Episode 15:

Interview with Kent Mosher

Episode Description:

Kent is a founding partner of Stratos Wealth Partners. He has over 20 years of experience as a financial advisor. The company has grown into a multi million dollar multi location organization around the country. Kent has a heart for God and people that is evident in all he does.

Podcast Episode 14:

Interview with Andy Haste

Episode Description:

Andy is the owner of Riverside Construction in Lafayette, IN. He started the company 15 years ago and has grown it into a multi million dollar company. Andy is very focused on living out his faith as a leader./span>

Podcast Episode 13:

The Production Principle

Episode Description:

Everybody wants to produce the most with the least amount of effort, but few do! Why? Why am I not producing at a greater level? Why am I so worn out feeling like I’m not getting anywhere? Learn how successful people think and produce the results you want.

Podcast Episode 12:

The Blessing Principle

Episode Description:

Everyone has a calling in life. Our wiring, personality, passion is all wrapped up in our purpose. When we discover who God made us to be we can begin to experience his blessing and favor in what we do. We find success when we live out who we are. Blessings have been given since the beginning of time by parents and leaders to the next generation. Listen to these blessings and see if you resonate with any of them. Then live out your blessing!

Podcast Episode 11:

The Faith Principle

Episode Description:

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to see more than others do and step out trying new things? Faith is a belief in something we can’t yet see. How do you learn how to live by faith and overcome and succeed in life? Join me in a faith journey that will teach you how to grow your faith!

Podcast Episode 10:

Interview with Dave Rodrigues

Episode Description:

Dave has been a mentor of mine for over 23 years and has a way of speaking to your soul! He led one of the largest churches in Indy for 3 decades reaching thousands and planting multiple campuses, he now devotes his time to help people find their destiny. You will gain so much as you listen to this interview. Find out more at

Podcast Episode 9:

The Spoken Agreement Principle

Episode Description:

The world uses this principle all the time in business and sports, even families in relationships. There is a spiritual truth to agreeing together with others on something and speaking it to be united that produces success. This is actually how prayer works also. God wants to bless you when you come together with others and humbly ask for things, because it blesses the world!

Podcast Episode 8:

The Leadership Principle

Episode Description:

If you are frustrated with your results or people are not following your direction there is a simple 3 step system to leading people well and producing the results you want. Successful people submit to this system and produce consistently with others. Listen and learn to lead well!

Podcast Episode 7:

The Healing Principle

Episode Description:

We all want to be healthy! When we are not we seek every possible means to achieve healing. What part does faith play in our healing? Do we have more power than we realize to produce healing in our physical, mental, and relational life? What is the real purpose of healing? Take a listen and find some hope and truth that just might help you get back to work!

Podcast Episode 6:

The Investment Principle

Episode Description:

We all want success in life! Relationships, careers, influence, finances only grow if we choose to invest on the front end, make the required sacrifices. You reap what you sow, you don’t reap what you don’t sow. So complaining about life just makes it worse. This is a truth we must live by if we want a successful life.

Podcast Episode 5:

The Protection Principle

Episode Description:

Have you ever chased after something and felt like your heart was just beat up? Maybe it was a relationship, a job, a goal, you aren’t even sure how you got to feeling the way you do about your life. Life is full of hard and painful things, how do we sort through experiences so we can keep our hearts in a good place? Learn how to protect your heart through this principle of success.

Podcast Episode 4:

The Strength Principle

Episode Description:

Everyone has unique gifts that enable them to be great at something and make the world a better place! Our job is to discover and develop our strengths. Learn how to understand your wiring and live out your true God given purpose!

Podcast Episode 3:

The Good Soil Principle

Episode Description:

The people you choose to invest your time in determine your success in life. Listen to this teaching about how to keep your heart in a solid place so you produce a God honoring life of influence and how to evaluate who to build into.

Podcast Episode 2:

The Wilderness Principle

Episode Description:

How to see roadblocks as necessary to get you to where you need to get to your promised land.

Podcast Episode 1:

The 2x Principle

Episode Description:

Working with God rather than against him to double what we have been blessed with.